<aside> ⚑ I'm an experienced Product Manager with a strong background in UX design and firm knowledge of technical aspects of software development. Human-centered design, Science method, Bayesian rationality, and Effective altruism are at the core of all my endeavours.


πŸ‘€ LinkedIn profile

βœ‰ [email protected]

Useful things I’ve built over the years

πŸ“ƒ 10heuristics.info β€” the best way to learn 10 classic usability heuristics πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

↗️ tobeproduct.ru β€” extensive Knowledge Base for Product Managers: instruments, books, courses and sources

πŸ‘› basicmoneyhabits.ru β€” mini-course on the connection between neuroscience and personal financial behaviour

πŸ”­ abs-guide.ru β€” a guide for the body of works of Arkady and Boris Strugatsky

πŸ“š russian-classics.ru β€” timeline of the Golden Age of Russian literature



<aside> πŸ›  Product Management Foundations

The series of short posts on fundamental concepts of Product Management:

  1. **Knowledge as a core concept of Product Management** (LinkedIn)
  2. How Startups Create & Leverage Knowledge (LinkedIn)
  3. Product Manager as an Ultimate Knowledge Worker (LinkedIn)
  4. The True Meaning and Value of Hypothesis (LinkedIn)
  5. Stop Testing Hypotheses, start making Bets (LinkedIn) </aside>

<aside> πŸ‘› Smart Way to Stay On a Budget

How to stay on a budget and save money without breaking a sweat by using the knowledge of how your brain works.

Preface: Conscious financial behaviour and how to change it to stay on a budget


Work experience



I also...

πŸ“– ...read and take notes on books about products, processes, people, communication, neuroscience and artificial intelligence.

β™Ÿ ...playΒ chess, live a bike-first lifestyle and occasionally post about it on Instagram.

❀️ ...live in Vienna.

You can also listen to my public talks about fundamental soft skills and effective charity (auto-generated and translated subtitles work like a charm):

Fundamental Soft Skills